Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service

Nowadays, the world is revolving around several trends. In digital photography or image editing, there are trends inside the realm to help in boosting the image resolution. The newest technologies in the area of photography have significantly enlarged the reach of photographers and graphic designers.

The neck joint is also called as ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service. Vinyl dolls are traditionally used instead of the figures To making the 2D and 3D shapes of assorted garment products. As an example- shirts, pants, jacket, cardigan, swimsuit, bra, lace, etc..

Neck joint service is also essential for wrist removal, wrist wit, and invisible wrist gear. It helps to enlighten the product quality and enriching the business of a company.

The articulation or intellect of neck joint or ghost mannequin service is a form of photo manipulation techniques. It is achievable by using both analogue and digital manners.


Our mannequin services will make sure that your product is exhibited using mannequin versions. Considering the best presentation necessary for your goods images, we supply a comprehensive variety of mannequin solutions.

Why should you use the clipping path Me?

If you allow us to work together, then you wouldn’t pay a high labor salary in your office. We maintain time schedules with your office hour & Instant chat support.

Save time to focus on your business and leave the photo retouching hassle to our artist! We’ll professionally edit all your product photos, model photos to comply with Amazon’s/ online store, & Photographer photo requirements.

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How to get our service?

Clipping Path Me provides a broad range of services like- Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Graphic designing, And Many More. By offering large-scale image processing facilities, we encourage practitioners to concentrate on their abilities in different industries.


Set a simple image: Demand a quotation for specific photos that you need to edit. You need to select a particular model to build. You can recruit here one or more images at a time.


Get your permit: You need to wait for a while. Then Collect your quotation key via e-mail within some minutes. Without getting code, you cannot start working here.

Allow us work arrangements: Show us all the green signal to take the idea ahead. When you get ready, it will allow you to move into the next step.


Get your picture: After all the procedures working well step by step, we will able to get our desire images. Have your photos in as few as some hours.

Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service Type

Basic: Basic neck joint service is for amateurs. In this package, you will get basic mannequins with an affordable price range.

Simple: The next package is termed as the “simple” package. It is going to suit individuals who need post-processing in their works. You can select this package if you want simple neck joints for your products.

Medium: Photo editing is not an easy job. Therefore, doing neck joint is hard work for beginners. So, if you want some excellent ghost mannequin for your garments products, you can select this package.

Complex: This sophisticated package refers to high-quality ghost mannequin service. As the name suggests, this package is for modern or superlative neck joint services. You will get super excellence in your product images through services from our top-notch professionals.

Why ghost mannequin or neck joint important for your business?

Ghost mannequin services need special skills as one requires working on the development in colour as well as differences of graphics. It demands the replacement of things such as pale. The skilled are conscious to merge skills and technology collectively, therefore as to develop ultimate excellence.


Systematically navigating the net, you might detect a wide variety of picture editing programs accessible yet an ordinary editor knows how to do essential changes with it. However, professional travels inside of the image along with gathering as much info as they could and employs superior capabilities of tools, so are confident that you change a regular picture in a complete one.

Clipping Path Me pros are nicely conscious of their substance that requires refinement like colour correction, contrast alteration, sharpening, recovery and cloning.

What’s more, backlight result, and merely how much flash, and extra the shadow can be transformed. As a basic image editor, you can do simple neck mannequins for your garments product images. But, Experts identify the way precisely to customize imagery.

They add decals together with contours for your pictures, besides, to make them beautiful. Professionals can alter an image to a fresh digital 3D.

The digital enhancing program ensures to present populace all those mannequin joints which are required to edit and interrogate imagery for a substantial extent.


Kindly make sure that you have specified your requirements before the start of project. We will make all the necessary changes until you are satisfied.
Minor corrections and modifications are done free of charge. However, further alterations and enhancements in designs will be charged accordingly.
We gives you the best of our experiences to meet your expectations
  • You are spared of the repetitive and time consuming processes.
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